The Praying Grandmother Still Exist!!

Reader do you or did you have a praying grandmother? I remember years ago when I first heard this song or testimony it made me think back to my own grandmother. I read somewhere that Chance the Rapper had turned into a mess when his grandmother marched him in and prayed a prayer that left him wondering if it was a blessing or a curse. It seems that Chance popularity was spiking as a young hip-hop artist, but his grandma was not impressed.

Anyhow  "Praying Grandmother" was a testimony of the goodness and the grace of God, and the result of a godly grandmother who NEVER stopped praying for her grand......through all the years this little girl grew up and became a drug-drained performer, entangled in the world of big-name entertainment. And God honored those prayers. Today, Helen Baylor sings ONLY to the glory of God.

The Apostle Paul wrote that the powerful faith of Timothy’s mother and grandmother had ignited a spark in this young man’s life that eventually grew into a tremendous ministry (2 Timothy 1:5). No matter how bleak things may seem with your children and grandchildren right now, never underestimate the impact of your faith and your prayers on their lives.

Long live the praying grandmother and mother. 


  1. Yes indeed my praying Grandmother and my praying Great Aunt's and Godmothers.

  2. I removed the comment twice please DONOT posted it again. No negative comments on this post. If you don't like the idea of a praying grandmother or mother, then you know what to do keep it moving.

  3. Thanks for explaining WHY, although I thought my comments were more enlightening than negative.

    I was basing my comment of the statement YOU made "The Apostle Paul wrote that the powerful faith of Timothy’s mother and grandmother".

    FAITH, get it.

    Sometimes we take things out of CONTEXT!!!



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