In 2018 Spelman College Will Admit Transgender Female Students!!

Reader how do you guys feel about this ... ? Do you think it's wrong or do you believe they should stick to tradition ? And for those who don't know, Spelman is a historically black all women's college. Spelman college has announce it will now consider trans women for admission. While Spelman certainly isn't the first women's college to do this, this is really a very deep and interesting subject in our community today. I've read the many online comments and I find that this subject may never be understood by everyone. Thoughts??

(You can read about it here:)


  1. Apparently they don't care about the other women who might be AFRAID/OFFENDED....HELLO! "Dumb" educated people who THINK they know what is best, BUT, are in TOTAL Ignorance. Yes, Love people, BUT, this stuff is ALWAYS thrown in our face. Sorry y'all, but my daughter WOULD NOT attend this historically black all Women's college. ONLY JESUS! In Christ Alone, RLR.

  2. It's a disgrace before GOD. And a disgrace to the WOMEN that founded the college. I wouldn't give a penny to this college nor would I allow any relative of mines that I had custody of attend the college. Money and Fame isn't everything

  3. wow! cross-dressers are allowed to attend an all female school! Disgusting! The smarter you are the dumber you become. Can you Spel - Man?

    1. Derrick in the article it says transgender students who identify as men will not be admitted....I don't think any cross dressing men will be there.

    2. Born To Win, So what do you think "transgender women" (which doesn't really exist) are???


  4. Spell College has crossed the line of integrity they have step into the realm of society who condones this type of foolishness a man physically changing his body to mimick a woman can never change his brain he will NEVER be able to function properly in a woman's world aging and acting like something or someone that your not is like being in a movie playing a role this school were built and ran by women whom was born and are women physically, mentally & Spiritually and should change!!


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