Why Are Professing Christians Defending and Co-signing Snoop Dogg Gospel Project??

Reader tell me if you agree with the following statements:

"Want to know why so many people are confused about Christianity? Not because Snoop Dogg has a 'gospel album' coming out! Oh no..... It's because so many professing Christians are defending and co-signing it!" -Anthony Hall

To read these comments makes me so sad that people who claim to be "Christian" are standing and fighting for Snoop making a gospel album, is truly mind boggling.

Charles Humphrey: There is no doubt in my mind that the project will be a commercial success for a multitude of reasons including his talent, his team and his tenure in the rap industry. I am not hating on him putting out a gospel project and I hope God can use it to transform lives and not just have people "bumping to it". As believers we must rely on the transforming power of Gods Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to convict people of sin so there is true repentance. Those elements are central to the "Good News" message and should be part of a gospel project. Jesus not only related to people out of love and in a personal way, he also told them to "go and sin no more".

Paul not only ministered to diverse audiences but called men to repent and serve God. He also said in essence, "as long as Christ is preached..." he would not hate on the messenger even if it was not of a pure motive. I don't know Snoop or his experience with God, but I do know Gods Word wont return void and God will use whomever is willing to yield to Him. As other comments have noted, the church can be judgmental and every "gospel" artist may not be compelling or authentic. Nevertheless, I am not quick to throw them all under the bus nor will i be quick to declare that this new project will somehow change the game. So without casting judgement on the artist, I will wait to see if the project ends up being more informational, educational, motivational or inspirational - those are all good and much needed in our culture and society today. But you dont need to be a Christian or a gospel artist to inspire, motivate or educate. But if we want something that will truly provide a touch from God that transforms young lives to want to serve God with passion, we really need is something that is sent from heaven to a lost and dying world. Looking for thoughts from others in music~Charles Humphrey


  1. Miss Ann,

    The professing christians don't know any better.

    Believers in Christ Jesus know how to be separate from the world (2 Corinthians 6:17), and not to be conformed to the world (Romans 12:2).

  2. Natasshia Roxanne HallTuesday, 11 July, 2017

    Folks need to stop giving snoop excuses if you love God, it changes you. Snoop has never done anything to glorify Christ to the public. Stop giving him excuses. he's sold out to Satan.

  3. Ms.Ann I'm not saying this is the case but do you think it's possible that Snoop could be making the Album for the money or to reach Christian audiences?? I would be careful about promoting this Album as a Christian because his next album or single may be about praising Satan and because he have the Christian audiences, they might feel justified listing because "he made a gospel album before". Now on the other hand...He could be expressing his belief because if I'm not mistaken, he started rapping in Church. And also because of bold Christians like Lecrae, maybe his ministry had impact on Snoop Dogg...hmmm?

  4. He could be sincere or it could be a money grab, no one knows. Hip Hop artist have been wanting to successfully break into the gospel genre with very little success, while gospel artist have been creating their sounds to move into the hip-hop genre. Time will tell.

  5. I do not know if Snoop is sincere about the project or not. I will say that this is a pure business venture where he knows he can get Christians to buy his album. As one someone in the thread has stated, he probably will put out an album praising Satan. I have listened to enough of Snoop's stuff realizing that he does not have glorifying God on his mind, just Google his song "Sexual Seduction." Christians need to have discernment when these announcements come about dealing with these singers. I am in full agreement with Anthony Hamilton, the project will only confuse Christians already struggling with their faith and their contextual environment. It also occurred to me Snoop's announcement came without seeking the Lord in prayer. G. Craige Lewis warned us about ventures like this and people have finally started paying attention to what he said. about this project. There is so much evangelism to be done among these celebrities, it is mind-boggling.

  6. Come on Y'ALL....this man "IS NOT" interested in any "WAY" (the Lord's WAY) to turn his life over to Jesus Christ. Is it that difficult to Discern?? My goodness....OPEN YOUR EYE'S! God says...MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR A "LACK" OF KNOWLEDGE/UNDERSTANDING. No wonder the devil is "LIKE" a roaring lion seeking whom he MAY devour....BIBLE!

    1. Dude, you hit the nail right on the HEAD. No need to inflame this silly situation. All this cheap talk to say about people being confused about Christianity because SNOOP wants to make a GOSPEL Album is SIMPLY LUDICRIOUS! People have been confused about Christianity since Christianity was founded, not because of SNOOP, but because they would rather believe a lie rather than the TRUTH. This is NOTHING NEW! They refuse to READ their Bibles, and study to show themselves approved.

      And for anyone who would believe SNOOP will make a Gospel Album, you have got to be INSANE! Snoop's music WILL NOT BE GOSPEL Okay. His music will not be arranged in a way that will showcase the MESSAGE Jesus died, was buried, and rose again the third day. He will not sing about the emptiness of sinful depraved man who stands in need of a Savior.

      Despite how Charles Humphrey tries to dress it up, the Gospel has nothing to do with Jesus relating to people or the diverse people Paul ministered. All this relevant language to appeal as contemporary is a bunch of CROCK.

      And why even consider to stretch to exaggerate about God's word returning back void? His WORD can NEVER be VOID, if it's NEVER SAID or PREACHED. Snoop is ignorant about the WORD of the LORD. Snoop sold his soul to the devil a LONG TIME AGO. Like YOU SAID ANONYMOUS, ITS NOT THAT DIFFICULT TO DISCERN. A lot of folks here think they are INTELLIGENT because they allow themselves to discuss and have opinions about STUFF that are PLAIN and OBVIOUS. Yet by their responses, they reveal their LACK of knowledge and the condition of their blackened hearts. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    2. To both Anonymous'... ya'll on point.

    3. Timezone. I really enjoyed when you had a lot to say.

    4. Anonymous, I appreciate it. I've been reading the postings that Mrs. Ann has been putting out in which she always does a great job. It's just that it's been kinda discouraging watching how the church is just hitting the fan left and right. It's unreal. It's just God's Word unfolding right before our eyes. Some folks getting' it and some not and I just smh. It's just like this Snoop Dogg joker coming out with a so-called gospel album or whatever. You realize that church folks are going to download the mp3's of these tracks and straight rock to it and call it holy? They'll say, "You don't know what God is doing in this man's life!" Or they'll say the classic, "Don't judge, you don't know!" SMH..... lol. You know what I'm talking about. They will compare this to Kirk Franklin, (which is not too far behind Snoop, lol), and say that it's all talking about God's Word, and just as long is that it ain't no cussin'. That's exactly what they'll say Anonymous. Anyway, the days are going to get darker and people will have no clue as to what is going on. Just like my Pastor said the other day, "I got 5 degrees in theology, but it don't mean nothing if I ain't got the Holy Ghost." And that is the problem to this very day and God's spirit is not leading and guiding the majority of people who say they are saved. We must pray for them and ourselves too. God bless.

    5. Thanks brother TIMEZONE. It's very discouraging, but God has his true saints to stand in the gap against all this foolishness. You being one of them here.

      I hear you about SNOOP. I believe Kirk and Mary Mary and Yolanda and Israel and Lacrae are the reason SNOOP feels comfortable in doing a so called "gospel" album. One of the fruit of black gospel music is its collaboration to draw in darkness so that even demons (ie. SNOOP, KANYE, MALI, ETC) can sing their songs. THEIR music will cause a strong delusion to come upon many, having them think they are worshiping the LORD ALMUGHTY, when in actuality, they serve their flesh becoming sensual.

      Be strong my brother, and be of good courage. I enjoy your long posts. LOL.

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  8. Where Is The Discernment From The Saints? To Come To Messiah, You Must Be Willing To Give Up The World. Has That Happened With Snoop? Shalom

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  10. First and foremost the gospel industry has been on a downward spiral for decades now. Gospel music no longer inspires it's all about entertainment, who has the best vocals, best sales, the most shows, competition, talent shows, etc. it's all about collaboration, etc. when i was growing up, gospel music was a separate entity within itself. It inspired people, brought people to true repentance, made one search their soul, you could be listening to a song that had you slobbin from crying so hard. And the folks that sang them, had been through some thangs. They didn't really care about what key they were singing in or who would buy the album like that. it came from the depths of their soul, so much so that it moved people to make a complete lifestyle change, the songs echoed lyrics that clearly stated that no matter what you were or are going through, things can get better and that God will strengthen you just hang on in there. Not anymore! When you can go to a club and hear what is supposed to be a gospel song and then see folks backing that thang up, dropping it like it's hot, lap dancing, pop locking, etc. to that song, somn wrong with that! These so called gospel artists of today are just that GOSPEL ARTISTS, they are not concerned about the souls of the people and those that support them need to stop lying to themselves saying they do, an misusing the word when it says "don't judge them". It's all about the numbers, the money, and the recognition. As far as snoop, hahahahhahaha somebody said church folks going to be downloading various cuts from the album and then trying to convince themselves that it's God. Since when did God almighty ever ever need to use satan to push or promote anything? the word clearly says that you cannot, lemme say that with capital letters CANNOT mix the profane and the holy. This mans lifestyle along with soooooo many others, kanye west, faith evans, including some of your gospel artists, is not in line with the word of God, and him making a gospel album, songs with biblical lyrics does not make him saved, sanctified or holy ghost filled. shame on the so called gospel artists that promote and push this mess, that goes to show you where there heart is. For the record, it doesn't matter how legendary of a gospel artist you are or were, God's holy word didn't change when he said separate yourself from the world. Be in it but not of it. The devil should never ever ever be comfortable around Gods true people in no manner. James 4:4 should be posted on every so called gospel recording studio as a reminder that being friends, collaborating, etc. with the world is being an enemy of God. Why do these gospel artists run head on to hook up with the ungodly artists? and the funny thing is that they only want to attach themselves to headliners, the ones that will draw the crowds and pay the money where they get a percentage. God is shaking his head! God has never then or now ever needed satan to promote anything, and as his people, performers, etc. we shouldn't either. Of course a verse or two from any of the songs may hit a nerve within the individual, may even change them for the better, any song can do that, but I believe the overall point here is why are we mixing the profane with the supposed to be holy, and why are we pushing this agenda? why are we making excuses, justifications and conforming to this madness in an effort to get more attention to our talents, increase sales, land bigger venues? When will those who are not about the money and truly about the souls stand up to the devil and say no thank you, God's got this? when are the gospel artists going to stop taking worldly songs that we used to groove to by switching the lyrics to make it a justifiable song to sing? I guess the next thing, snoop will be holding a revival and laying hands on folks. Lawd help this yo people!


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