Is Satan On The Inside Of Beyonce Camp?

If we Christians don't believe Satan love high places then keep living.....this is another prime example of his handy work. Matthew Knowles who's  a Christian by the way has been accused of stealing from his daughter, and filed court papers defending himself against “false accusations. I tell you what when I read that statement over at  Ms Grapevine  blog  it hurt my heart.
 I have always had this wonderful picture in my mind of Byonce and her father relationship  it was one of beauty and dignity. I believe Matthew Knowles is learning right now; as  if he didn't already know that sin will cost you everything you have and love in this world plus much more.   Matthew Knowles has been often credited for making the moves behind the scenes that propelled Beyonce into super stardom. I have a strong hunch something else is going on behind those scenes now. 
  When people are upset they say and do the wrong things. At that point it’s easy for them  to become critical and arrive at the wrong conclusion. We have to slow down; ask God for patience and understanding.  We should never force others to live by their past while we expect ours to be forgotten. Whatever we sow in mercy you’ll reap a hundred times over. 


  1. Hi Ann! I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, but I can imagine that there are folks that would prefer that Matthew be separated from his daughter Beyonce, now that she's a superstar.

    In the scheme of things, it seems that superstardom is nothing more than complete demonic involvement. It seems that there can be no separation and that the two are really one and the same.

    The cost for this idea of "superstar" is selling one's soul to satan. Probably because it's idolatry in the worst form, no less than Lucifer's self idolatry, and we know what happened to his star. There's always something real ugly happening with superstars.


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