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Joyce Meyer Teaching On Tattoo's??

Reader, I'm not a fan of Joyce Meyer's teaching, what some fail to realize is just because she’s a “celebrity” pastor that her context is correct. The issue I have with this particular message is she’s twisting scripture to appeal to the modern society of tattooed Christians. Nowhere does it say that tattoos are okay.

Does Evangelist Jekalyn Carr Have The Life Experience To Be Doing These Types Of “testimonies”?

Y'all know Evangelist Jekalyn Carr is one of my favorites in the Gospel Entertainment world.  This Is My Winning Season is my go-to anthem. Jekalyn Carr is not your typical teenaged girl. At the tender age of 20, she is a highly anointed Evangelist, minister and national recording artist that is taking the gospel music industry by storm. Her current CD My Winning Season made its debut at the top of Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums. 

Is Le'Andria Johnson A Christian Or She Just Sings Gospel??

Reader the above question is not my question, it's one that I found on social media. I don't think anyone has the right or the big picture for that matter to question anyone's else salvation.  

Presiding Bishop, Others Begin Campaign To ‘Reclaim Jesus’ In US Culture!

Reader I ( You Can Read It Here ) read this piece and have been turning it over in my head ever since. A bunch of church elders and church leaders have released a confession of Faith for time of crisis by speaking out to fight for the integrity of Christian faith and soul of our nation. This multiracial group of church leaders with representation from evangelical, mainline Protestant, African-American, and Catholic churches, released a declaration to remind Christians—including the ninety-one percent of members of Congress who self-identify as Christian—that when politics undermines theology, we must examine that politics.

Willow Creek Pastor Bill Hybel Denies Misconduct Allegations!!

Reader even if Willow Creek Pastor Bill Hybel's did nothing wrong this does tarnish his name somewhat. By default, it questions the integrity of his messages. Sad if true. 

(You Can Read It Here)

Are Our Lives Predestined? If So,Then Why Pray? Why Pray Ever, About Anything?

Reader are our lives predestined for us from birth to death? Some say yes. This is the argument surrounding the decision made by this Pennsylvania couple in not seeking medical help for their dying baby. The couple is on trial for the death of their 2-year-old daughter after resorting to faith healing in lieu of taking her to a doctor. 

( You Can Read It Here)

When Ella Grace Foster came down with pneumonia in late 2016, her parents, Jonathan and Grace Anne Foster, chose not to seek traditional medical care because it's not supported by their religion. Instead, they opted for a treatment plan of prayer and anointing oils. They asked Ella’s grandfather, a pastor, to come pray for her in the hopes that God would heal the illness.

Ella died in her father’s arms the next day after hours spent struggling to breathe. When asked why the child wasn’t taken to a hospital, Grace Anne appeared to believe that her daughter’s death was preordained:

“I think God just wanted her back,” she said. “…

Pastor H.B. Charles Jr.-Pastoral Journey Testimony!

Reader Pastor H.B. Charles testifies about his beginning pastoral journey after the passing of his father in 1989. This sermon was preached live at the Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. What a powerful testimony.

Stop Playing Pastor,Someone Could Have Been Hurt.

Reader what would you do if you witness your pastor suddenly run away from the pulpit during a church service? With all the church shootings in the last couple of years, this, in my opinion, was very insensitive of this pastor. If something like this happens for real his pew sitters may not move and be harmed because of lack of wisdom in this regard. Don't play games inside the church, what a distraction. I wonder did he considered the health implications of some people who might have had health issues?

Uncensored The Le’Andria Johnson Story Rebellion, Freedom, Pregnancy and Approach to Ministry!

Reader, there's nothing like being able to telling your own story in your owns words while being willing to stand up in your own mess. I believe Le'Andria will get some backlash for this episode. Le'Andria gets to tell her story in the edgy new docu-series uncensored which airs on TV One on Sunday nights.

Easter And April Fools Share The Same Date This Year.

Reader the Bible does not instruct Christians to set aside a day to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. At the same time, the resurrection is most assuredly worth celebrating (1 Corinthians chapter 15). Celebration of Christ’s resurrection, then, is a matter of Christian freedom. Christians are free to celebrate the day of Christ’s resurrection and are free to refrain from celebrating. Since it is a matter of Christian freedom and not a biblical command, it would seem that there is also freedom as to precisely when the celebration of Christ’s resurrection is observed.

Seven COGIC Bishops Will Present The Seven Last Words of Christ on Good Friday, March 30th.

Reader, according to some, this is history in the making. Friday, March 30, 2018, at Burning Bush International Ministries, you have Seven, COGIC Bishops, Seven, different jurisdictions, Seven last sayings. 
Bishop Don Shelby Bishop Dwight W. Walls Sr Bishop Rance AllenBishop James L. WhiteheadBishop Samuel Duncan.Bishop James Atterberry Bishop Roger L. Jones, Sr Musical guest Shelby 5, Rose Marie Rimson-Brown, Labarbara Whitehead.

New Book Alert From Pastor William Dwight McKissic,Sr., Controversial Conversations!

Reader Pastor Dwight McKissic, Sr., pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX, is releasing a new book titled, Controversial Conversations: Kingdom Reflections On Biblical & Contemporary Issues. Monday, March 26th. The street date is Monday, April 2nd. It will be available wherever fine books are sold including Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Barnes&, Barnes & Noble Nook, and
Inthe book, he addresses a broad range of topics including:

*The Baptist Church and the Holy Spirit
*The Contributions of Africa and Africans in the Bible
*The Southern Baptist Convention and Race Relations
*The Church, Homosexuality, and Contemporary Society*A Letter to My Grandchildren
Written in the midst of some of the most consequential times in the history of America and the Church, this collection of over 30 essays by Pastor Dwight McKissic, Sr., provides a biblical perspective on issues affecting the Church, the Black community, and American society. ( You Can Rea…

Did Pastor And Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin Once Have Ties To A 'Gay Cure Cult'??

Reader a Twitter user by the name Achmat X, has accused Preacher/Pastor and Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin Jr. of having ties to Exodus International, a homosexual conversion organization with a disturbing history of sexual abuse allegations.

( You Can Read It Here)

This Past Monday, Scientology Launched Its Own TV Network.

Reader this is.. interesting what yall think about it?(You Can Read It Here) The Church of Scientology has just launched its own television channel this past Monday night.  The old saying no once can tell your story better than you come to mind here.  A Twitter handle, website and app for Scientology TV appeared this past Sunday posting updates to hype the network's availability on DIRECTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, iTunes and Google Play. 

God Made Me Black On Purpose!

Reader, this is an interesting read about South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (You Can Read It Here). No matter his achievements or aspirations, Tim Scott is sentenced to exist in America’s collective political subconscious as a black man first and everything else second.

“Concerned about narrowing his brand, [Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.)] long has tried to downplay his ethnic exceptionalism and avoid the role of race-relations ambassador for the GOP. And yet Scott, now more than ever, cannot seem to escape being perceived as such. He is not just a generic black Republican in a generic period of history; he is the most powerful and prominent black elected official in America, serving at a time of heightened racial tension and widespread accusations of xenophobia against his own party and the president who leads it. This ensures that Scott wears a target on his back regardless of the issue or crisis at hand.”
It’s an insult to God when we don’t love who we are.

What Makes The Pope The Most Powerful Man In History??

Reader so ( You Can Read It Here ) CNN has aired a six part series on the Pope. What makes him the most powerful man in history? What's interesting is that they say that the Pope is the most powerful man in history, but obviously they are not talking about just one man, they are pointing to the office of the papacy. And that is exactly what Revelation 13 is pointing to, the office of the papacy, which has been fulfilled by many Popes who proclaimed to come in Jesus' name, who are antichrist.

In my opinion history as presented by TV & Hollywood is always incomplete. But we should not be afraid of the outrages committed in the name of the Church, or the corruption, abuses, & sins of the hierarchy & the members. Such things shouldn’t surprise or embarrass us, since folks like us make up the Church, such a company of sinners, yet called to be saints.

Get Out Of Here: How Is It That Gospel Singer And COGIC Bishop Rance Allen Named Gospel Artist Entertainment "Top Male Quartet Artist Of 2018"??

Reader sometimes I believe these folks in the music industrial be making this stuff up as they go. For instance this foolishness right here, Bishop Rance Allen make an appearance on Snoop Dogg's Gospel album, and all of a sudden he's named "Top Most Influential Male Quartet Artist of 2018.


Racist Paula White Finally To Speak About Abandoning The Black Church Community!!

Reader, who in the world cares about what racist Paula White thinks about the Black Christian community?  I for one sure don't. This woman built her brand and bank accounts on the backs of Black audiences. 

She's a false prophet who supports a racist president, bottom line.  She can't tell me anything. If she said the building was on fire, I would have to feel the heat on my backside before I would evacuate. Paula White...NOPE!! 

Anywayyyy, this Saturday at 6p to 8p she will be joining Cory Condrey live at 1190amWLIB to speak on how being a Spiritual Advisor to 45 has strained her relationship with African American Christians and many others.

Pastor John Gray And His wife Avanter Return To The Breakfast Club To Talk About Growing In Faith, Love And More.

Reader great interview, I will be following his work. Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer return to The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about leaving Lakewood Church, what they say to kids who don't believe in God, and much more. 

Check out the interview below. 

Well Known Scientist Stephen Hawking Has Passed Into, Eternity!

Reader, while the world mourns the loss of such a brilliant mind, there is even more to mourn today, as a man passed into eternity without knowledge of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Well known scientist Stephen Hawking has passed at 76. He was known for a lot of discoveries & received various accolades. Hawking was also known to be an Atheist believing that there is no god.  (You Can Read It Here)